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Integrated Digital Video Advertising

A Real-Time Data Processing Solution Implemented on Microsoft Azure

Terrace architects a real-time video data capture solution for MultiPop.

MultiPop’s authoring platform enables video creators the ability to monetize videos by adding engaging commerce, content extensions, and advertising opportunities within minutes. With millions of data points simultaneously coming in
from multiple video players, clients, and platforms, Multipop needed a robust and secure process to collect, manipulate, and display the information on a user-friendly analytics dashboard.

Deciding against both an independent developer and a larger firm, MultiPop went with Terrace for its customer-centric service and support along with its experienced project and advisory teams, known for adapting to their clients’ style,
process and budget. It was a perfect match for MultiPop’s needs.

Seeking a multi-dimensional and generic-to-scale solution from a team who could draft a solution in a short amount of time, MultiPop tasked Terrace with understanding their existing architecture, identifying potential issues, and brainstorming
the solution on the Azure Cloud.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + MultiPop

MultiPop selected Terrace for our experience with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Big Data solutions. A successful Proof of Concept design for processing the real-time data would push MultiPop into
full production and launch their signature platform.

  • After reviewing MultiPop’s platform and requirements, we recommended a solution that would address three concerns: 1) stability and resiliency to the high volumes of data collected from the multiple data sources 2) security across
    the viewer platforms and 3) scalability.
  • We architected and implemented a system of Worker Roles for data collection, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations, and an Azure SQL database to extract and optimize the data on a SaaS platform. We drafted the procedures for
    the analytics dashboard and implemented the wiring for MultiPop’s clients to access the data in a user-friendly dashboard.“Terrace knows how to work efficiently and smart,” noted MultiPop’s CTO, Steve Harshbarger. “They demonstrated both an ability to provide comprehensive, easy to follow methods along with mentorship and support. We were
    successful in making modifications to the architecture from Terrace’s comprehensive instructions.”
  • Once the initial design was established, Terrace and MultiPop worked iteratively together to refine performance and optimization of the solution to align with MultiPop’s specifications.

The Results

The robust architecture for manipulating the extensive volumes of video data implemented on Microsoft Azure was central to the MultiPop solution. The Proof of Concept design was completed within a few months and production in fewer than six.

“Without the Terrace solution, it wouldn’t be a product. It makes up one third of the MultiPop product (along with the video content and MultiPop’s interactive video player). Every customer uses the dashboard that the analytics power.
How long people are spending on the videos and the revenue generated by clients is key to the product.

“Terrace is the right size of handpicked people who know their stuff. They are practical and adaptable and they take responsibility. They are nice people and just fun to work with!”

Steve Harshbarger

CTO, MultiPop

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