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Sierra Madre Collection

Industry leading Porsche and Classic European auto parts distributor

Seamless Migration to Shopify Plus Boosts Online Retail Success

Terrace performed migration from Core Commerce e-commerce platform to Shopify Plus and integrated a custom solution for Year/Make/Model search for Sierra Madre Collection..

Sierra Madre Collection, a thriving e-commerce business specializing in in providing a comprehensive Porsche parts and Classic European auto parts inventory to owners & shops around the world, were facing limitations with their existing Core Commerce e-commerce platform.

Sierra Madre Collection embarked on a strategic journey to enhance its online presence and streamline operations when decided to migrate to Shopify Plus, a robust and versatile e-commerce solution known for its scalability, user-friendly interface, and extensive range of features. Sierra Madre Collection also sought a new feature on the site to provide year/make/model search and related fitment data to allow customers to pick the right auto parts easily.

Leveraging Shopify’s flexibility, Sierra Madre Collection customized their storefront to align with their brand identity and provide an enhanced user experience.

A meticulous data cleansing and migration plan ensured a smooth migration of 21,000+ products categories, 57,000+ customers, coupons/discounts, orders history from the old platform to Shopify Plus, minimizing downtime and data discrepancies.

Shopify’s app ecosystem allowed Sierra Madre Collection to integrate essential third-party apps and extensions for additional functionalities, such as Year/Make/Model search functionality integrated with Convermax solution, Search and Discovery App, Finale Inventory, ShipStation App, Rise.ai, Matrixify, Payment getaway, Google Analytics, Omnisend Email marketing & SMS, QuickBooks platforms.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + Sierra Madre collection

Strategic Rollout:

  • Terrace Consulting team Terrace met with each Sierra Madre Collection team to understand their needs and requirements.
  • Terrace Consulting executed a phased migration strategy, allowing for testing and refinement at each stage to ensure a seamless transition without disrupting ongoing business operations.
  • Project was handled in agile methodology with weekly status reviews of the progress.
  • Training and Support: Staff members received comprehensive training on Shopify’s intuitive backend, empowering them to manage the platform effectively.


Improved User Experience: The new Shopify platform offered an intuitive and visually appealing interface, resulting in a significant improvement in the overall user experience for both customers and administrators.

Scalability and Performance: Shopify’s robust infrastructure addressed scalability concerns, allowing Sierra Madre Collection to manage a growing product catalog, and execute successful marketing campaigns. SMC team now able to manage any new product launches or prices changes on the site seamlessly.

Increased Average Number of orders and Order Value: The enhanced Year/Make/Model search on the site, informative product pages and streamlined checkout process contributed to a notable increase in number of orders +12% YoY and increased Average Order Value +13% YoY, translating into improved revenue for Sierra Madre Collection.

The migration from the Core Commerce e-commerce platform to Shopify Plus proved to be a pivotal decision for Sierra Madre Collection. By embracing Shopify’s modern features and scalability, Sierra Madre Collection not only addressed existing challenges but also positioned itself for sustained growth in the competitive online retail landscape. This case study serves as a testament to the positive impact of a well-executed platform migration on business success.

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