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Real-Time Embedded Trucking Analytics

AN IOT Cloud solution built on Microsoft Azure

Terrace architects an IoT solution that scales Microsoft Azure to handle real-time analytics from hundreds of thousands of trucks.

Vusion, an analytics provider in the trucking industry, engaged with a major trucking OEM to provide analysis and visualizations for factory-fit telematic devices.

Their client needed a system to process data from a fleet soon doubling annually from 35,000 to 70,000 big rigs. The system would ultimately need to track performance of their manufactured trucks and engines, vehicle route information,
and driver behaviors along with vehicle registrations, maintenance needs, and communications sent to their trucking dealerships and customers for hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

Vusion would need to shift from their on-premises servers to Azure to support the large volume of data points collected. And it would require an advisory team experienced in Azure’s services, capable of architecting a Proof of Concept
solution to measure scalability at three stages — implementation, data processing, and data storage.

Already familiar with Microsoft Stack, their analytics team wanted to take advantage of Microsoft Azure for provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance within the cloud.

Microsoft representatives working with Vusion recommended Terrace as Partner Consultants highly experienced with moving clients to the Azure Cloud.

Following initial introductions and recognizing our confidence and enthusiasm for architecting a solution, Vusion contracted with us to deliver a solution in two short months.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + Vusion

Vusion and Microsoft approached the Terrace team for our expertise with Microsoft Azure, PaaS, IoT, and Big Data solutions. Within two months, we designed and optimized a cloud-based Proof of Concept framework ready for large-scale
implementation by Vusion.

  • Through a series of Q&A sessions to assess Vusion’s high-level project plan, we iterated with their analytics team to draft the final Statement of Work.
  • Meeting weekly, we crafted the functional aspects for data ingestion, processing, ETL, and database storage, working collaboratively with continuous communication and outreach. “I appreciated their engagement level,” noted Trent
    Lezer, VP of Technology.
  • The Terrace and Vusion teams worked through iterative design optimizations to ensure that the final Proof of Concept framework was scalable and optimal as the foundation of a complete production system.

The Results

The Proof of Concept architecture served as a foundation for a complete scalable solution for processing the large volume of data points from Vusion’s major trucking OEM client.

“With their support and extensive knowledge of the Azure offerings to meet our project objectives, Terrace delivered a Proof of Concept solution, the foundation for us to implement a complete production system on Azure. In fact, we now stand
to double the number trucks supported by our platform.”

Trent Lezer

vp of technology, vusion

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