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Continuing Education of the Bar · California

AN E-Commerce website built on nopcommerce

Terrace designs and develops an e-commerce website within nopCommerce.

The CEB e-commerce site had run reliably on the Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 platform for over a decade. It was time to upgrade their outdated system to provide their customers with a more engaging user experience.

The CEB website project addressed two key requirements: 1) a responsive design for easy navigation in a mobile environment and 2) a software upgrade that would allow for customization.

By designing the project in phases and working closely with CEB, Terrace demonstrated their project planning expertise by creating a customer-centric solution that worked within CEB’s project parameters – including a tight budget
and time constraints.

CEB’s decision to work with Terrace, a certified nopCommerce Partner, was validated by Terrace ‘s ability to problem-solve even the most difficult of CEB’s questions, to deliver unrivaled service that extended well into the off-hours,
and to provide a trusted, knowledgeable team who collaborated and instilled confidence.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + CEB

After considering two other e-commerce options including a cloud-based solution, CEB selected Terrace.

  • Terrace recommended a three-phased approach that began with building a nopCommerce prototype to evaluate the customization needed for Phase 2.
  • Terrace and CEB worked together on the project – Terrace designed and developed the system and CEB performed the testing and data migration.
  • Experienced working with e-commerce best practices for well over 10 years, Terrace worked provided CEB guidance around load balancing and SEARCH capabilities and worked with other vendors to resolve all development issues.

In Phase 3, Terrace will be working with CEB on enhancements that address conversion numbers and single sign-on capabilities.

The Results

“The new website is a slicker, more modern and timely site. With the new design, non-IT CEB teams can easily make changes in a timely manner. The path to customer purchases has improved — the number of clicks by customers has been
cut by 30%.

The site is working great. Work can be disseminated across more people instead of just a few to allow us to respond quicker. So if there is a business opportunity or something isn’t selling as well, we can make changes to the website.

It’s been three months since our launch — people are getting to the site and traffic is stable.”

Freddy Herrera

Director of Marketing, Customer Service, Sales at CEB

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