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Industry Leading Insurance Agency System

A Custom Back Office Billing System Interfaced to Microsoft Dynamics

Terrace designs and develops a custom billing solution for EZLynx.

Offering innovative insurance software for the modern insurance agent, EZLynx needed to upgrade and replace an antiquated billing, commissions, and product and customer reporting system. As their customer base grew, their billing and accounting systems also required capabilities to separate and track customer marketing segments, pull reports of these segments, and run incentives.

With their existing software, EZLynx found it harder to successfully implement workarounds to handle the increase in subscriptions. They needed a system that could be adapted to their
workflow — how EZLynx worked — rather than an out-of-the box solution.

Terrace had been recommended as a trusted vendor by another EZLynx team. Knowing that EZLynx wanted to leverage their proprietary SaaS offering and new Dynamics GP accounting system, Terrace analyzed their requirements and recommended
a blended solution comprised of a custom billing solution integrated  with Dynamics GP. Terrace worked with EZLynx to design a phased approach spread the cost and risk over time and to reduce the overall disruption to daily

A custom-designed solution was required to support company-specific algorithms and workflows including data maintenance and processing and storage of billing, accounting, and commissions. EZLynx’s distinct processes supporting management
of multiple invoices, providing billing and payment information to customers, and providing service reps with a reliable reliable centralized analytics panel demanded a tailored technology solution.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + EZLynx

Experienced with another EZLynx team, Terrace was familiar with what the EZLynx products stood for, how their customers subscribed, and how they were billed.

  • Terrace met with each EZLynx team to understand their needs — with their accounting team to understand their workflows, daily accounting activities, invoicing rules, and commissions; with their sales managers for
    how they tracked commissions; and with their VPs for the reports they needed.
  • One of EZLynx’s primary objectives was to optimize their monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription billing. They wanted a more efficient and streamlined process to create and send invoices, calculate commissions, and back up
    the billing and accounting operations. And they wanted to move from a single system to one that was flexible and customizable.Project Manager Crista Davis praised Terrace stating that they ‘designed the system based on what we needed versus trying to make us fit into something.”
  • Terrace architected a solution that improved on workflows and processes identified during their analysis of the EZLynx system. The new system integrated a customized billing system with the Microsoft Dynamics General Ledger (GL)
    and Invoicing system, implemented by EZLynx’s programming team.

The Results

The system successfully went live after a soft launch to address any coding issues. EZLynx can now easily enter commission roles for sales reps applied across the board for any invoice. No matter the type of invoice it will calculate it correctly.
They can obtain reports to get an accurate account of what customers are buying, the products, and how much — all the things they wanted to know.

“The Terrace team was excellent. No question is too dumb. All of our needs…every question was met in a timely manner. The new billing system is opening up opportunities for sales reps to handle unique billing criteria and is offering
increased opportunities. The accounting team works more efficiently. We can put the information into the system, walk away, and trust that it will work as it’s supposed to.”

Crista Davis

Project Manager, EZLynx

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