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Oso Electric Equipment

Powering Growth: How NetSuite Powered Growth for a Commercial Electric Smart Lawn Mower Startup

Oso stands at the forefront of innovation, leading the development of industrial-grade commercial electric smart lawn mower and pioneering battery-powered solutions.


Terrace performed implementation of new instance of NetSuite for Oso Electric Equipment.

Oso is a green high-tech startup revolutionizing the lawn care industry with its next-generation industrial electric equipment. Committed to electrifying the world, Oso aims to convert medium to heavy-duty gas-powered equipment into efficient electric alternatives.

The Oso team faced some difficulties in operations: reliance on manual processes, such as Excel spreadsheets which led to inefficiencies and errors in managing inventory, financials, and manufacturing operations. The lack of integration between systems further compounded these challenges, hindering the company’s growth potential.

During the prototype phase manufacturing operations were manageable, but early on the team faced the limitations of juggling multiple hands-on inventory tasks. As the business geared up for larger-scale manufacturing, it became evident that this approach was neither sustainable nor efficient. A more robust solution such as NetSuite became imperative to support growing operations.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive ERP solution, Oso decided to implement NetSuite. With its reliable features and scalability, NetSuite promised to address the company’s pain points and streamline its operations for future growth.

“We began by addressing our financials first. Then transitioning away from spreadsheets, we meticulously organized our inventory data, including parts and sellable products, into NetSuite to ensure accuracy. With this foundation in place, we were able to seamlessly roll out the manufacturing module. Presently, our manufacturing team operates entirely through work orders linked to items and final assembly components, allowing our sales team to create sales orders that are likewise linked to those final sellable products, all managed within NetSuite This streamlined approach has automated our inventory tracking via work orders and sales orders, facilitating smooth operations between our two locations. “
–Riley Simmons
Vice President, Operations Oso Electric EquipmentOso started with a phased NetSuite implementation, which included setting up a multi-entity account, implementing core financials, inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, and B2B sales. Upon completion of this integration, the Terrace Team helped with data migration, provided sufficient documentation, and offered training on the platform.

By implementing NetSuite, Oso Electric Equipment has achieved remarkable success in transforming their operations, and have seen significant growth as a result. With streamlined processes and improved efficiency, they continue to set the standard for next-generation industrial lawn care equipment, solidifying their position as industry leaders in green technology.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + Oso

Strategic Rollout:

  • Terrace Consulting team had several discovery calls with Oso stakeholders to understand their needs and requirements.
  • Terrace Consulting executed a phased migration strategy, allowing for testing and refinement at each stage to ensure a seamless transition without disrupting ongoing business operations, followed by hyper-care period.
  • Project was handled in agile methodology with weekly status reviews of the progress.
  • Documentation, training, and support: Oso Team members received comprehensive training on NetSuite functionality, empowering them to manage the platform effectively.


Streamlined Processes: NetSuite automated and streamlined Oso’s business processes such as manufacturing, financial management, order management, inventory management. This led to increased efficiency and productivity across departments.


Improved Visibility: Oso team got real-time visibility into key business metrics and performance indicators, error-prone system that allows to make data-driven decisions more effectively.


Better Financial Management: NetSuite’s financial management features enable organizations to manage their finances more effectively, including accounting, budgeting, billing, and revenue recognition. This can result in improved financial accuracy, compliance, and control.


Scalability: NetSuite is designed to scale with the growth of an organization, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. After implementing financials, inventory management, and manufacturing, Oso’s team has been exploring the CRM module to support business expansion and evolving needs.


Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: The Oso Team got insight into their operations and finances from robust reporting and analytics capabilities. This helped to identify trends, optimize strategies, and forecast future performance.


Compliance and Security: NetSuite is designed with built-in compliance and security features, role-based access helped to control visibility of the specific sections of the platform to meet regulatory requirements and protect sensitive data.

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