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Rodan + Fields


Terrace utilizes diagnostic tool to design & implement infrastructure and code modifications.

With an upcoming launch of their latest product and a growing network of consumers and consultants, Rodan + Fields sought to identify improvements to their commerce platform for optimal user experience. Successful improvements resulted in increased concurrent transactions by 300-500% with a system designed for additional scalability and enhanced security.

The existing eCommerce application(s) provided their network of independent, entrepreneurial consultants, each working to grow their own business, with a comprehensive platform for all their customer communications. Rodan + Fields wanted to enhance the legacy systems to ensure a more responsive, reliable, and performance-focused experience for both their customers and consultants.

Highlighting the need for a reliable system to support peak loads reaching over tens of thousands of concurrent users and to accommodate the respective transactions, the Rodan + Fields team needed a trusted and qualified partner
to design an immediate solution.

Terrace was recommended by a Rodan + Fields representative who previously worked with the team. They were asked to review the Rodan + Fields roadmap for their legacy Microsoft .NET technologies and to design and implement a comprehensive
solution within 3-4 months.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + Rodan + Fields

Assessing several options to optimize their ecommerce platform, Rodan + Fields selected Terrace to build the improvements to its infrastructure.

Tasked with designing a solution to scale the Rodan + Fields’ workflows by 300-500%, our team knew the solution would require smart tools to pinpoint the precise challenges. The New Relic Application Performance Monitor (APM) diagnostic tool was selected to determine the precise issues to resolve.

From the diagnostic tool, set up as a DevOps operational tool to predict and prepare for future improvements, we identified the required infrastructure and application updates that delivered dramatically improved performance, reliability and security.

Once identified, we designed a roadmap to implement the changes, including infrastructure, code, application architecture, and database changes. Together we worked with Rodan + Fields on the development, providing instructions and guidance along the way.

The Results

A significant outcome was the impact on Rodan + Fields’ sales and user experience. Changes and enhancements to the infrastructure, application, code for the application itself, database servers, and database operations were key to increasing concurrent use of their commerce site.

With the Rodan + Fields continued growth, the implemented architecture was pivotal to supporting the enterprise while the development of a new eCommerce system was underway.  The legacy system needed to support a significant new product launch (October 2016) which generated large increases in sales while requiring 60% less infrastructure resources.

Terrace continues to work with Rodan + Fields on a number of other projects and has been recognized for our speed and quality of work in providing a solution within the 3-4 months expected.

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