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An On-Premises Infrastructure Shift to Microsoft Azure

Terrace shifts K&L’s entire on-premises architecture to the Azure Cloud.

For 20 years, K&L maintained their own back-office database, mobile, and web servers accessed by customers and staff. With three retail stores and a central warehouse, they soon needed a long-term solution for higher performance
of their entire business infrastructure.

Having worked with Terrace for more than 10 years on hundreds of software and back office projects, K&L trusted our expertise and recommendations.  However, K&L was hesitant about Azure because their own sophisticated
infrastructure, with power redundancy and servers, was working well. They were concerned about being first to try the new environment.

In time, with our extensive knowledge of K&L’s infrastructure and close connections to the Azure team, we partnered with K&L to design and implement their infrastructure shift to Azure.

Azure had matured and stabilized, proving to be a secure and reliable feature-rich cloud solution that would sync the quality of K&L’s online customer experience with the personalized service their staff offered in retail stores.
The upgrade would provide a massive upgrade on server performance, up-time, speed, reliability and scalability.

We recommended a two-phased approach. A complete shift of K&L’s data center to an Azure IaaS solution in Phase 1 would be optimized in Phase 2, leveraging Azure’s feature-rich PaaS offerings to reduce their monthly IT spending.

The Terrace Process

Terrace + K&L

K&L selected Terrace for our deep, ground-up experience with Azure along with over 10 years experience working with and understanding their e-commerce and back office applications and infrastructure.

  • With our deep understanding of K&L’s business and what K&L hoped to accomplish we collaboratively architected the final solution. Brian Zucker, Founder and CEO noted, “It could not be overstated how important it is to do
    the work on the front end. Otherwise you end up putting out fires and dealing with crisis management if deployment goes sideways. Terrace’s deep dive on the front end into the requirements, documentation, testing, and Proof
    of Concept — that’s where they really shine.”
  • Experienced with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), we worked with K&L to integrate their database, e-commerce, and in-store customer service systems, spec’ing out the environment for both
    reliability and scalability.
  • Through benchmark testing and a good feel for the services and apps running on the Azure servers, we worked to size the K&L servers appropriately. “Getting it sized to account for performance issues and extra costs,” Brian
    noted, “was the most challenging part of the project. Prepping for installment, deployment, post-deployment, support, maintenance, was all strong.”

The Results

“They’re definitely not a ‘seat of your pants,’ let’s just throw this out there, cowboy-way-of-deployment type of company. I wouldn’t hesitate — Terrace is #1 — to go through Azure migration again. Am glad we waited awhile. I’m definitely not hesitant to do it again. Happy with the work that Terrace did to support that.

I gotta tell you it worked out very smooth. We didn’t feel any significant challenges. It was a successful project for K&L. They did a fantastic job spec’ing with deployment. I’m not sure what anyone could have done to improve on the way they did it. They did everything we asked.

Azure has been around a while…it’s a new way of looking at hosting the whole platform…finding a talented partner with deep experience there, that’s an important piece that Terrace brings.”

Brian Zucker

Co-owner, k&L Wine merchants

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